Karen Gutierrez, FNP, Discusses Genetic Testing, Breast Care, on Podcast

Family Nurse Practitioner Karen Gutierrez was a guest on, “Slice of Life,” a podcast hosted by Brenda Alesii on ESPN-1520. Karen appeared on the June 29 show to discuss a wide-range of issues related to women’s health, specifically her work in the practice of breast care.

She provided valuable information to the audience, sharing what risk factors may increase a patient’s chance of developing breast cancer. She advised listeners to, “Always be aware of your family history.”

Karen noted that when evaluating a patient for potential genetic testing, she traces the person’s family history back three full generations, working to ensure she has the most detailed information to guide her in making her assessment. 

She also explained her approach to preventative examinations, including the use of an ultrasound in addition to the standard mammogram to detect nodules, cysts, and other potential abnormalities that may not show up on a mammogram. 

“The ultrasound gives us a lot of additional information,” she told the audience. 

Click here to listen to the entire interview with Karen

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