COVID-19 vaccinations are currently not readily available to General Physician, PC. Please see information below.

We are aware of the newly released list of comorbidities and underlying conditions that New York State will use to determine the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility. New Yorkers who have one of the comorbidities will be eligible for the vaccine beginning February 15th. 

However, at this time General Physician, PC does not have the vaccine available for distribution based on current guidelines. 

Once we have the vaccine for distribution, at the direction of the New York State Department of Health, physician groups, such as General Physician, PC, according to current state guidelines, will be able to vaccinate only persons aged 65 and older.

FOR PATIENTS 65 and OLDER: Once the vaccine is available for our patients 65 and older, you will receive notification through your patient portal, email, or here on our website. Please Note: Should there be an opportunity within the community to become vaccinated before General Physician, PC reaching out to you, please feel free to proceed with that opportunity and then let your primary care office know. 

FOR PATIENTS UNDER AGE 65: If you are under age 65 and fall into the comorbidity category, you will need to obtain a letter from your physician to receive the vaccine. Please contact your physician either through the patient portal or by calling the office to get the letter. 

In addition, if you are under age 65 and fall into that comorbidity category and need to find a specific location where you can receive the vaccine, please go to New York | Covid-19 Vaccine (ny.gov)

Vaccine Allocations per The New York State Department of Health Limited amounts of the COVID-19 vaccine are available for New York’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program. The amount of vaccine the state receives is based upon the allocation made to New York by the federal government. The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) then determines state allocations to providers and entities who have enrolled to administer the vaccine. Executive Order 202.91 also sets forth mandatory prioritization for vaccination by provider type. 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work with the NYS Department of Health. Please stay healthy and be safe! 

Are You Eligible? Click to see if you are eligible and if you can schedule an appointment at a clinic near you. New York | Covid-19 Vaccine (ny.gov)


COVID Related Questions or Concerns

If you are experiencing COVID Symptoms, have questions or concerns,
please locate your provider below and either click the link provided or call as directed.

If your Primary Care provider is listed here, please Click_here_button2.pngand follow the instructions.

  • Amherst 
  • James Panzarella, DO
  • Tatyana Manzik, RPA-C
  • Collene Panzarella, FNP-BC
  • Emily Van Buren, FNP
  • Danielle Taylor, PA
  • Emily Ludwig, PA-C
  • Buffalo - 1091 Main 
  • Richard Charles, MD
  • Maritza Baez, MD
  • Upasana Kochar, MD
  • Robin Massing, PA
  • Elizabeth Schmand, FNP-BC
  • Sarah Cleveland, PA
  • Shawn Campbell, PA-C
  • Katherine Sumner, PA
  • Richelle Brown, PA
  • East Aurora 
  • Leslie Lehmann, DO
  • Elma
  • Ritu Sood, MD
  • Christian Lates, MD
  • Thomas Hughes, MD
  • Christine Schonour, ANP
  • Hamburg - Camp Rd
  • Nicholas Masyga, DO
  • Leia Ince-Mercer, MD
  • Hamburg - Southwestern Blvd
  • Nisha Sharma, MD
  • Jeanette Figueroa, MD
  • Gregory Marra, MD
  • Mandy Abram, PA-C
  • Amy Peterson, PA
  • Jennifer Crowe, PA
  • Lancaster
  • Kevin Cleary, MD
  • William Kuehnling, MD
  • Courtney Barker, PA
  • Emma Harrington, FNP
  • Jenna Lorusso, PA
  • Nicole Bless, PA
  • Shannon Packard, FNP
  • Lockport - Lockport Olcott Rd
  • Frederick Piwko, MD
  • Amber Nocek, PA
  • Lockpork-Snyder
  • Michelle Potempa, MD
  • Narinder Kaur, MD
  • Elisabeth Allen, FNP-BC
  • Charlene Conly, FNP
  • Melanie Leberman, PA
  • Williamsville - 705 Maple Rd
  • Ashley Kremer, DO
  • Esfandiar Mafi, MD
  • Arthur Mash, MD
  • Dawn Dolan, PA-C
  • Katlyn Holt, PA
  • Williamsville - 1000 Youngs
  • Allyn Norman, DO
  • Adam Norman, MD
  • Joanne Chmura, NP
  • Nicole Moeller, PA

If your Primary Care provider is listed here, please
call the number listed and follow the phone prompts.


  • Dunkirk 716.363.6960
  • Richard Milazzo, MD
  • Avani Kanneganti, MD
  • Ravi Sahni, MD
  • Linda Fuller, ANP-BC
  • Springville 716.592.3600
  • Kathleen King, MD
  • Marcy Masyga, MD
  • Alyxis Mitrowski, PA
  • Orchard Park 716.260.1593
  • Thomas Dilamarter, MD
  • Jennifer Yerke-McNamera, MD
  • Josie Sisson, PA-C
  • Melissa Spaeth, PA-C
  • Caitlin Hackford, PA
  • Cathleen Finan, PA-C
  • Dunkirk Pediatrics 716.363.6960
  • Rohini Thodge, MD
  • Medina/Albion 585.798.3345
  • Thomas Madejski, MD
  • Marcel Rozario, NP
  • Janet Wysocki-Freer, NP
  • Pamela Eaton, NP
  • Tonawanda 716.874.4060
  • Anthony Perna, MD
  • Caloger Ippolito, MD
  • Roseann Boswell, NP
  • Kathleen Kovacs, NP

If your Primary Care Doctor is NOT a General Physician provider, please contact their office directly.

TESTING: Currently we are asking if you want or need to be tested, please click here and you will find a list of locations by County. 

WellNOW testing - please click to see locations. Copays may apply.  •  COVID-19 FAQs


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While we are seeing younger women with breast cancer, it isn’t because of a greater incidence of the disease. It is because of a greater awareness, and lack of stigma. Globally we have more survivors than ever before. Increased awareness, research, and better technology, helps us find cancer earlier.

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cancer care

Few things are scarier than hearing the word, “Cancer.” During this difficult time, it’s comforting to have the area’s top medical team of your side. With a wide range of board-certified oncologists on staff, we’ll be with you every step, from diagnosis to treatment.

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The heart is a complex organ. But when it comes to choosing the right cardiologist, we like to think we’ve made the choice simple thanks to our world-class specialists and state-of-the-art facilities.

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Surgery is never an ideal situation, especially when it comes to conditions of your lungs and heart. Our experienced cardiothoracic surgeons understand what you’re going through, and will use the least invasive techniques possible to achieve a positive outcome.

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Dedicated surgical specialists treating cancers and conditions related to the lower gastrointestinal tract and the abdominal cavity. 

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It is worrisome when you experience stomach pain, or your digestive tract is not functioning well. With compassion and care, we diagnose and treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, colon, liver, pancreas, and bile duct. We are committed to your quality of life.

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Dedicated surgical specialists treating cancers and conditions related to the lower gastrointestinal tract and the abdominal cavity. 

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When you suffer from brain, spinal, or peripheral nerve pain, it is important to find the right treatment. Our Board-certified neurosurgeons will use the most effective surgical or non-surgical treatment options.

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Sudden or chronic pain and injury can bring your life to a halt. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons cover a range of conditions - hand and upper extremity, knee and hip, joint reconstruction, spinal surgery, and sports-related injuries - using the latest treatments for the quickest recovery to get back to your life.

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Chronic pain can be debilitating. Our board-certified pain management physicians will use the latest interventional procedures to relieve your pain allowing you to become more active again, improving your mental well-being, and elevating your quality of life.  

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post-acute care

Continuity of care is crucial at each stage in your recovery. As you transition from a hospital stay to a rehabilitation center, or to your home, our clinical team works collaboratively with your primary care providers. They serve your clinical needs, manage your care, and allow you to focus on what matters most — your health.

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Your relationship with a primary care provider is the foundation of your healthcare. Our team will get to know you and your family on a personal level, in order to provide optimal care for years to come. And yes, we are accepting new patients.

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pulmonary services

When you or a loved one has breathing issues, you want to be sure you are seeing the right team of professionals dedicated to helping you breathe easier.

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thoracic surgery

When diseases, genetic conditions, cancers or trauma affect the heart, lungs, esophagus, or chest cavity, our board-certified Thoracic Surgery specialists will provide you with the best treatment and surgical options available.

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It can be a challenge to find an OB/OBGYN you trust. From routine exams to pregnancy to unexpected medical issues, our Women’s Health providers offer high-quality care in a supportive, understanding, and comfortable environment.

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