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To access your patient portal, please log in to the General Patient Portal.
NOTE: If you are a patient in Albion/Medina or Dr. Perna’s office, you will need to log in under that appropriate section.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up for the Patient Portal?

Your Primary Care or Specialty provider’s office will start the process of enrolling you in the patient portal. A paper copy of the Portal Activation will be given to you at the time of registration or a letter will be mailed to you.

What is the Patient Portal used for?

You are able to access your preventive care recommendations; your medical history; communicate with your provider regarding your care, appointments or test results; receive education resources and information; and request prescription refills.

What information can I see in the portal?

The portal displays basic lab results, blood pressure results, allergies, your medication list, patient instructions, your list of medical problems, depart summary,  discharge instructions/summaries, patient statements, any upcoming General Physician, PC appointments, and patient education and available resources.

What test results can I see in the portal?

Lab results are available 24 hours after they are posted to the medical record. Radiology and pathology results are available 72 hours after they post to the medical record.

Why can I not see all lab results? 

Some lab results (e.g., HIV preliminary test, genetic testing) will not display due to their sensitive nature.

Can I enter my own information into my electronic record?

No, the patient portal is currently designed for viewing only.

Can I give my adult child access to my portal?

Yes, an adult patient may designate another individual to have proxy access to their portal account. This can be done in person at Patient Registration.

Can I see my child's medical information?

Yes, parents and legal guardians can be granted proxy access to their minor children's portal accounts upon request. Proxy access can be granted for children up to age 12. No proxy access will be given for patients ages 13-17 years. Prior to the minor's 13th birthday, you will receive a notification email stating that the account will be disabled.

Is my health information protected?

Yes, no one has access to your portal unless you authorize it.

Can I send my provider/clinic a message?

Yes, through the message option located in the menu bar. Click the “new” button and choose the provider you wish to send to, then begin writing your message.

Can I schedule appointments?

You can find a Request an Appointment form using the Appointments tab in Menu.  Once the form is completed, a member of your provider’s office will reach out to confirm. This is for non-urgent issues only.

Can I request medication refills?

Yes, through the medications option in the patient portal menu bar.

Why is my provider/clinic not listed to send messages to?

Only providers that you have had or have a booked an appointment with are visible and available for messaging.

How do I send information to another provider?

You are able to send health information you choose to another practice by choosing the “Chart” button in Menu, selecting the information you would like to send, then at the bottom of the page selecting the “Send to Another Practice” button.

How can I download my record?
Select the appropriate visit, click the download icon, and save to your device.

How can I sending my record?

The envelope icon located to the right of your reason for visit will prompt you to send your record. NOTE: You will need a direct email address for the provider you wish to send to (this cannot be a Gmail, Yahoo, or Exchange email address). 

Who do I call for help with the portal?

If you are experiencing problems with the portal, please call your provider’s office.

How do I cancel an account?

Contact your provider’s office and request a staff member to deactivate your account.

How do I remove a proxy?

Present your picture ID to Patient Registration to complete the proper paperwork. It will take 3-5 days for the proxy revocation process to complete.

I did not receive the email invitation. What do I do?

Portal activations are not sent via email, only printed letter handed to you at your office visit, over the phone or by a mailed letter. If you have not received an activation letter by any of these means, please contact your office.

Can I pay my bill on the patient portal?

Please call (866) 853-9551 to pay your bill.

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