Dr. Armen Kirakosyan Featured on Your Hometown Health Connection

Pelvic floor issues are not a normal part of getting older. Urogynecologist Dr. Armen Kirakosyan explains surgical & non-surgical ways of treating common conditions that women experience.

Dr. Richard Charles on Hometown Connection - 7/28/21

Dr. Richard Charles, Chief Medical Officer for General Physician, P.C., discusses the vital role a primary care doctor can have on a patients well-being.

Dr. Vijay Iyer

Dr. Vijay S. Iyer discusses taking care of your heart as you age on WBEN’s Aging Gracefully with Linda Pellegrino. 7/25/2021

Dr. Armen Kirakosyan


Dr. Sosa is the first ever to perform an Acessa case in Buffalo at Oishei Children's Hospital

Dr. Sosa is the first ever to perform an Acessa case in Buffalo at Oishei Children's Hospital. Patients can get back on their feet and live freely from fibroid frustrations thanks to this minimally invasive procedure.

Dr. Paul Shields

 No matter the age, obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes can be very serious, and should not be taken lightly. Dr. Shields, who specializes in Post-Acute Care, discusses the art of aging gracefully and the importance of preventing these chronic conditions as we age.

Dr. Joseph Falcone Featured on WBBZ

Your Hometown Health Connection Show 17. Dr. Joseph Falcone of General Physician, P.C. talks about knee and hip replacements and if they are right for you.

Buffalo Healthy Living Cover June 2021

Years ago, we didn't hear much about people getting their knees or hips replaced to free them from excruciating pain and limited mobility.  But hip replacement surgery has been around for more than 100 years and the first knee replacment surgery was performed in 1968.

Dr. Marcus Romanowski and Dr. Cindy Romanowski Featured on Your Hometown Health Connection

Dr. Marcus Romanowski and Dr. Cindy Romanowski discuss the latest techniques for knee and hip replacements, and how they can defy genetics with some great lifestyle tips.

Dr. Zhen Wang ECMC Medical Minute

Dr. Zhen Wang, Oncologist for Great Lakes Cancer Care Collaborative, discussed esophageal cancer - the causes, risk factors, symptoms, and treatments.

Dr. J'Leise Sosa

Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related issues than white women. This week marks the fourth national Black Maternal Health Week.

Sarah Hai Colonoscopy Video


Dr. Sangeeta Gupta

 Wake Up Niagara | Co-Hosted by Lance Melin & John Maser, along with News Director Hank Nevins

Dr. Joseph Mills

Dr. Joseph Mills from General Physician PC joins host Samantha Latshaw to discuss the importance of a colonoscopy to help screen for colon and rectal cancer.

Dr. Piwko

Dr. Piwko on the importance of seeing your primary care doctor during COVID and on an annual basis.

Dr. Sachin Wadhawan

Dr. Sachin Wadhawan from Great Lakes Cardiovascular discusses heart palpitations and the importance of caring for your heart.

Dr. James Youssef


Dr. Ranjan Bhayana

Dr. Ranjan Bhayana from Great Lakes Cardiovascular discusses Heart Health Month and the importance of caring for your heart.

Dr. Vijay Iyer

Wake Up Niagara| Co-Hosted by Lance Melin & John Maser, along with News Director Hank Nevins

Danakas WNY Living


COVID-19 Vaccine Questions & Anwsers


Buffalo Healthy Living Cover Feb. 2021

February is Heart Health Month - Dr. Vijay Iyer urges people to pay attention to your heart symptoms.

Dr. Shields Featured on WNY Living

Dr. Paul Patterson on WBBZ

Your Hometown Health Connection Show 3. Host Samantha Latshaw talks with Dr. Paul Paterson from General Physician, PC about a micro-invasive surgery that can relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

WNY Physician Magazine

In the most recent issue of WNY Physician magazine, Dr. Falcone discusses robot assisted surgery as well as a holistic approach to treating patients. See page 8.

Kelly Cardamone on WGRZ

WGRZ-TV Channel 2 interviewed Kelly Cardamone to weigh in on the new federal government nutritional guidelines which took effect January 1, 2021. Watch the video to learn about the updates to recommended sugar intake and alcohol consumption and her simple tips for a healthy year.

Buffalo Healthy Living November2020

Wome are frequently reluctant to discuss their experinecess in dealing with stress urinary incontinence (USI), but want desperately to do somethign about it.  SUI affect up to 40 percent of all women in the US, often due to childbirth, surgery, or age.

Dr. Joseph Falcone

Joseph P. Falcone, MD, DO is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Top Distinguished Surgeon in the field of Medicine for his commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services at ECMC Hospital / General Physician, PC

Dr. Richard Charles Medical Minute

Dr. Richard Charles, the Chief Medical Officer at General Physician, P.C., is featured in a HEALTHeLINK Medical Minute

Buffalo Healthy Living Cover Sept. 2020

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance our bodies need, but in just the right amounts. High blood cholesterol occurs when we have too much of it in our blood, carried on lipoproteins.

Buffalo Business First Panel

Business First hosted a panel discussion on the rise, impact and future of telehealth. Dr. Richard Charles weighs in on this important topic and what it means to the community and patients in the WNY area.

Dr. Awad El-Ashry on WNY Living

Ignoring Symptoms Can Cost You Your life. Dr. Awad El-Ashry, Cardiothoracic Surgeon with Great Lakes Cardiovascular discusses why and what the surgical options are for coronary heart disease.

 Dr. Awad El-Ashry

Buffalo Healthy Living Cover Aug. 2020

Dr. Paul Shields comments that residents desperately need to resume social interaction with their loved ones. The key is doing it safely and to manage or limit any unnecessary exposure and spread. Read More.

Dr. Shields

Dr. Paul Shields, VP Clinical Services Post-Acute Care at General Physician, PC, explains the process, the efforts of those involved and the outcomes. Taking the virus head-on and beating it, advocating for our patients and working together to provide care for patients where and when they need it.

Dr. Thomas Madejski

Dr. Thomas Madejski internal medicine physician with General Physician, PC Medina/Albion, elected to the AMA Board of Trustees.

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Dr. Lisa Daye

Dr. Daye has been a leader in her field and one of very few female Orthpedic Sports Medicine surgeons in WNY. She has dedicated her practice to returning adult and youth athletes to their sport and optimal performance, and has educated, trained, and treated female and male athletes at the recreational and elite level.

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