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Single day treatment for Carpal Tunnel with a minimally invasive technique.

Increased hours spent on computer keyboards and digital devices can put people at risk for a relatively common and oftentimes painful condition that affects wrist mobility. According to local orthopedic specialist, Dr. Paul Paterson, carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, can cause incapacitating numbness, pain and tingling in the hand or arm when one of the major nerves of the hand - the median nerve - is being compressed in the wrist.

General Physician, P.C. is pleased to welcome urologist Dr. James Turecki to the General Physician practice at the Ambulatory Care Center, located on the campus of the Erie County Medical Center.  Dr. Turecki is trained in open, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries, and is excited about the potential of robotic surgery.

We are pleased to announce that our Cancer Care service line is now open in Niagara County. Dr. Duvivier will be seeing patients at 
3850 Saunders Settlement Rd.
Sanborn, NY 14132

Direct: 716.422.5422
Fax: 716.422.5420

AM Buffalo paid a visit Tuesday, December 5th to the office of Dr. Paterson at ECMC, The Ambulatory Care Center. Tune in to Channel 7 on Thursday, December 7th at 10 am and find out more about the Carpel Tunnel procedures that Dr. Paterson is performing.

By Annette Pinder
Dr. J. Leise Sosa, M.D., MPG of General Physician PC, explains that endometriosisis a condition in which cells normal found in the uterus begin to grow in other places, such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes and pelvic tissue.

By Keaton T. Depriest- Assoicate Editor Amherst Bee
For Dr. Meeghan Lautner, support and resources are key efforts in not only treating and caring for breast diseases, but also in their prevention.

J’Leise Sosa, MD, MPH, who recently treated patients on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, will now be caring for obstetrics and gynecology patients in Buffalo and East Aurora as part of General Physician, PC, Women’s Health.

Dr. Edward Simmons recently received an award for services as a long time reviewer on the editorial board of “Spine”.  He is also on the editorial board of “Clinical Spine Surgery” journal. 

WKBW - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Meeghan Lautner and the team of doctors at General Physicians PC Breast Care Clinic provides surgical consultation and treatment of benign and malignant breast disease in a convenient, comfortable setting.  

Linda Pellegrino visits General Physicians Breast Cancer Clinic. She talks with Dr. Meeghan Lautner and Karen Gutierrez, nurse practitioner, about genetics testing for breast cancer and early detection treatment.

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