Safeguarding the health of your digestive tract and organs

At General Physician, PC our gastroenterology team specializes in treating disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, colon, liver, pancreas, and bile duct.  Some of these conditions include Crohn’s Disease, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac Disease, Pancreatitis, Pancreatic Cancer, Hepatitis, Colorectal Cancer and Barrett’s Esophagus.  We offer comprehensive care and treatment options for each patient once a diagnosis is made.

Our services include:

  • Colonoscopy
  • Upper Endoscopy
  • ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography)
  • PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) Placement/Removal
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
  • Biologic Therapy Infusion



Abdul Chaudhry, MD
James G. Corasanti, MD PhD
Aniqa A Kohen, MD
Sultan Mahmood, MD
Ramon Rivera, MD
Farda Barandeh, PA-C
Sarah Hai, PA-C
Martin Pittman, PA-C
Katherine Shanahan, PA


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