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Accepting new primary care patients.

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It’s important for everyone to have a primary doctor for preventative and general medical care. Whether it’s for an annual physical, the common cold, high blood pressure, or anything in between, your primary care provider keeps a watchful eye over your health.

Our primary care practice welcomes you and your entire family. From the Northtowns to the Southtowns, you’re sure to find an office conveniently located near your home or work. While our network is large, our providers still take great pride in forming meaningful relationships with all of our patients. And if you should ever need more specialized attention, your primary provider can quickly refer you to a GPPC specialist.

Services we offer:

  • Routine physicals and checkups
  • Diagnosing and treating minor illnesses
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Vaccinations
  • Health screenings and diagnostic testing





Mandy Abram, PA-C

Catherine Almeter, PA-C

Heather Bailey, PA-C

Ashley Baker, DNP

Katlyn Beiring, FNP-BC

Jaspinder Bhullar, MD, MBBS

Roseann Boswell, NP

Kathryn Braisted, PA-C

Paige Burrell, PA-C

Shawn Campbell, PA

Jean-Marcaisse Cange, MD

Bradley Carrier, MD, MS

Richard Charles, MD

Kohl Chevrier, PA

Alyssa Ciancio, PA-C

Kevin Cleary, MD

Sarah Cleveland, PA

Charlene Conley, FNP

Jennifer Crowe, PA-C

Harmony DePan, PA-C

Thomas Dilamarter, Jr., MD, FAAFP

Dawn Dolan, PA

Michael Doldan, DO

Emily Dunne, PA

Lauren Fickett, PA

Jeanette Figueroa, MD

Linda Fuller, ANP-BC, CDCES

Jordan Gabel, PA

Joanna Grosskopf, FNP-BC

Caitlin Hackford, PA-C

Irene Haefner, RN, CDE

Courtney Hannon, PA-C

Katelyn Heist, NP

Brian Herbst, DO

Patrick Hurley III, MD

Leia Ince-Mercer, MD

Calogero Ippolito, MD

Jane James, FNP-BC

Megan James, MSN, FNP-BC

Melanie Janulewicz, NP

April Kane Ayoub, MSN, AGNP-BC

Avani Kanneganti, MBBS

Bridget Korpanty, DMSc, PA-C

Ashley Kremer, DO

William Kuehnling, MD, PhD

Jacqueline LaBelle, PA-C

Christian D. Lates, MD

John Lalor, MD

Melanie Leberman, PA-C

Vincent Lee, MD

Leslie Lehmann, DO

Ahmad Mafi, DO

Esfandiar Mafi, MD

Paisley Mafi, DO

Alia Mann, FNP-BC

Tatyana Manzik, PA-C

Gregory Marra, MD

Robin Massing, PA

Marcy Masyga, DO

Nicholas Masyga, DO

Melissa McCaffrey, PA-C

Richard Milazzo, MD

Maxim Mitchell, MD

Nicole Moeller, PA-C

Mustafa Mohmand, MD

Lauren Murray, PA-C

Ashley Noel, NP

Adam J. Norman, MD

Allyn Norman, DO

Priyanka Patnaik, MD

Anthony Perna, MD

Amy Peterson, PA-C

Frederick Piwko, MD

Michele Potempa, MD

Mona Pourramazan, MD

Talia Root, PA-C

Nisha Sarna, MD

Elizabeth Schmand, NP

Christine Schonour, ANP

Stephen Scrivani, MD

Ihab Shafik, MD, PhD

Nisha Sharma, MD

Jenny Sheffield, PA-C

Lawrence Sinatra, MD

Josie Sisson, PA-C

Ashley Skipper, PA-C

John Slisz, PA-C

Teresa Snyder, BSN, ANP-BC

Vaibhaviben Solanki, MD

Ritu Sood, MD

Melissa A. Spaeth, RPA-C

Donna Steinwachs, FNP-BC

Katherine Sumner, PA-C

Indra Tambar, MD

Danielle Taylor, PA-C

Rohini Thodge, MD

Stephanie Tranquili, PA-C

Katherine Trawinski, FNP

Alyxis Uhteg, PA-C

Abbe Walsh, DNP, RN, FNP-BC

Jennifer A. Yerke-McNamara, MD


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