Upasana Kochhar, MD

Dr. Upasana Kochhar is a primary care doctor specializing in family medicine. Dr. Kochhar treats patients who are teenagers or older.


  • Residency, family medicine, University at Buffalo Department of Family Medicine
  • Doctor of Medicine, University at Buffalo School of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science, molecular biology, University of Pittsburgh


  • Volunteer, Lighthouse Free Medical Clinic


  • Erie County Chapter of the NYSAFP Award for excellence in patient care


  • Kochhar, Upasana, MD and Justin Green, MD. "Do effective tools exist for providers prescribing opioid to adult patients with chronic pain to reduce the incidence of subsequent opioid abuse?" University at Buffalo, Department of Family Medicine.
  • Kochhar, Upasana, MD and Min Yang, MD PhD. " Weight perception and Obesity Management in African American patients in a Primary Care Setting." University at Buffalo, School of Medicine.
  • Kochhar, Upasana, BS and Patricia J. Dubin, MD. "Patterns oflL-23 Receptor Expression in Primary Immune cells." Children' s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.
  • Bin Zhang, Qiuqiong Cheng, Zhimin Ou, Jung Hoon Lee, Meishu Xu, Upasana Kochhar, Songrong Ren, Min Huang, Beth R. Pflug, and Wen Xie. "Pregnane X Receptor as a Therapeutic Target to Inhibit Androgen Activity." Endocrinology 151: 5721-5729

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