I just want you to know that your nurses from VNA I believe Judy, Lisa, Melissa, and Mary calling on us covid + people daily need to be commended! Not an honorable mention or a nod but some company wide recognition... daily checking in, symptom checks, confidence building, inspiration when it’s bleakest for us. 

What a relief to know that someone was calling me EVERY DAY during this crisis. Fear of the unknown is huge when we’re just sitting like ducks in the water wondering if things are going to get worse or how do our symptoms compare on the line between health/sickness. 

The worst part for me is I am a nurse In a local facility, who had to be taken out for this for a substantial amount of time and nothing can be done for me until I retest. My desire to do my job was so hampered by this virus keeping me away from doing my life’s work for an unknown time. 

These ladies inspired and cared for me and my family daily and I am thankful beyond words for them! I pray whether they volunteered for this or were just transferred that they know they are this nurses hero!  

Please let them know how well they maintained us with little or no time to get a plan in place that they went above and beyond any treatment I’ve had even hands on from a provider! Blessings to you all for this bit of peace we receive from them daily!

❤️ RH


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"Thank you Carolyn Doyle, NP. My parents are older, with some chronic conditions and with everything going on at this time, my family felt very strongly about not sending them out to visit their doctors. It was suggested that we look into the Home Visit program. The ease of scheduling and access to a quick appointment was wonderful. Carolyn immediately put both my mom and dad at ease. They were able to have vital signs sent off to a primary care and a cardiovascular doctor, bloodwork and other evaluations were done in the comfort of their own home. She was professional, courteous and most of all compassionate – we could not have asked for a better visit. Thank you General Physician, for caring and having nurses like Carolyn out in the field. What a wonderful service. They are now also set up to have video visits – another great service that will keep them safe at home and well cared for during this crisis. —D.M.

“Please thank Katharine Niedeala for all that she did. There are not too many people in this world that are so caring and understanding, and go out of their way to understand your needs and make them happen. She truly deserves the best for her kindness and prompt service with my situation.” – Maria

“I am just writing to let your office know how much I appreciate the patient portal for General Physician. The ease with which I can touch base with Dr. Charles and his staff makes my experience with this medical office wonderful. My questions are answered the same day, sometimes within the hour. Scheduling an appointment is a click away and accessing my lab results gives me such a feeling of involvement I've never had before. I wish every doctor’s office offered this.” – Jude


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