March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and at General Physician, PC, we are dedicating the month to educating not only our patients, but everyone in the communities we serve about the importance of getting screened for colon cancer.

When diagnosed early, colon cancer has a 95 percent survival rate. When screening is delayed and the cancer isn’t discovered until late stage, the survival rate drops to 14 percent.

Everyone age 50 and over (earlier if you have a family history of cancer) should be screened. If you haven’t been, please don’t delay. And, if like many people, you are worried about the procedure itself, we asked a few Western New Yorkers what the procedure was like. Visit our FAQ Page on our website for their thoughts, as well answers to your questions and resources to help you better understand the process.

Finally, click here to read a feature in the current issue of Buffalo Healthy Living featuring General Physician, PC Gastroenterologist Dr. Sultan Mahmood.

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