Carpal Tunnel...Success Story

I had minor carpal tunnel symptoms for over 30 years. My right hand would sometimes fall asleep while holding a book, fishing rod or steering wheel. Especially when running a chain saw all day. The forefinger, pointer finger, and thumb would ache in prolonged exposure to cold. 

I could remediate the symptoms by cutting back on those activities or therapy or steroids and could live with the occasional symptoms and consequential relief. The symptoms would lessen or resolve for long periods. 

Earlier this year, I had a total left hip prosthesis replaced. I was on a walker for 12 weeks, then a cane. The constant pressure irritated the nerve and my two fingers and thumb became suddenly totally numb.  I never experienced any pain or tingling. 

During our initial visit the day of surgery, you expressed little hope for a complete relief of symptoms. I had trouble with buttons, zippers, turning pages or picking up small objects. You related that it may take 6-12 months and I may never get feeling in the tips of those digits.

Five months later, IT WAS A RESOUNDING SUCCESS. Most of the feeling has come back, at least 90%. I have no trouble with button, zippers or picking up paper. The long days I spent in a deer stand at 18-30 degrees did not cause my ungloved hand any pain.

I have told everyone I know who is considering what to do about their carpel tunnel symptoms to contact you. The USCTR (Ultrasound guided carpal tunnel release) procedure is a gods send. I would have done the same, if the surgery turned out to your worst-case scenario. Fact is that I presented with symptoms that did not look promising for positive results. Nerve damage is a fickle creature and cruel master. I sincerely appreciate that you gave me you cell number, responded to my emails and answered all my questions giving me the information needed to make an informed decision.  Keep up the good work. I am one of your disciples. I would gladly be a reference to people considering this surgery if needed.


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