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Samantha Will, Pharm.D, BCACP

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Dr. Charles and Samantha Will, Pharm. D. presented the Keynote speech at the Eastern States Conference for Pharmacy Residents and Preceptors May 7th at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  The annual meeting brings together over 700 pharmacy residents, directors, and preceptors from each of the 13 eastern states, Maine to Virginia.  It is a forum to present the results of their work and an opportunity to interact with those leading the field. 


As a pharmacist-physician, Dr. Charles believes “this program is important because it allows for the sharing of ideas and experiences to help improve the quality of care that is being delivered in a team approach.”  This year’s theme was “TEAM:  Together Everyone Achieves More”, an approach Dr. Charles has already integrated into his clinic.  The importance of collaborative care is critical, as is innovative and out of the box thinking in improving patient centered outcomes.  To achieve this, Dr. Charles and Samantha highlighted the opportunities for pharmacists to add value in a clinical setting by addressing gaps in care, assisting in the management of chronic conditions and acting as a resource and extension of the provider in the overall care continuum.  The TEAM message conveyed by the conference and echoed by Dr. Charles is that through the integration of providers and pharmacists, collaboration in the clinical setting needs to be the future driver to achieve the highest quality care for patients along the East Coast and across the United States


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