The reasons why Dr. Avani Kanneganti became a doctor in the first place are the same reasons why she still loves her job today: By connecting an intricate set of symptoms and information, she can help patients avoid serious illness later.

Dr. Kanneganti enjoys the complexity and diversity of medicine. As a primary care physician, she concentrates on all the systems of the body, combining careful observation, patient concerns, vital statistics, and medical histories to address medical issues before they become catastrophic. She is diligent about catching warning signs of cancer early while it’s still treatable, controlling diabetes before medication is required, or lowering blood pressure so it doesn’t become a heart attack. Dr. Kanneganti says healthy habits are a huge part of prevention and include exercising for at least 30 minutes most days (if not every day), focusing food on produce and lean protein, and cutting back or quitting smoking – a change that patients have to be willing and ready to make on their own. 

 When it comes to lifestyle choices aimed at disease prevention, Dr. Kanneganti practices what she preaches – and truly enjoys her healthy habits. She likes cooking from scratch and is most comfortable preparing the Indian recipes she grew up with. She spends as much time outdoors as possible, especially in the summer, and loves to work out with a combination of cardio and strength training. To save time and money – a tip she shares with patients – Dr. Kanneganti opts to sweat it out at home rather than joining a gym. 


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