Millions of Americans have “learned to live” with pain, numbness and tingling in one or both of their hands. These symptoms can range from being painful to downright crippling. The good news is, you don’t have to live with pain. A single visit, microinvasive solution, is available.

General Physician, PC orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Paterson offers “Release and Relief,” a microinvasive procedure to eliminate the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thanks to this new technology, Dr. Paterson is able to diagnose and treat a patient in a single office visit! No hospitalization. No pre-surgery appointments. No follow-up visits. No stiches or lengthy recovery. Many of Dr. Paterson’s patients report feeling pain free the next day, in some cases eliminating pain they have suffered with for years.

One recent patient had this to say about the procedure:

Dr. Paterson and his staff were so very caring to me during my recent carpal tunnel surgery. The whole process took just about an hour, and right now I am feeling no pain. The doctor went as far as giving me his card with his personal cell phone number on it and told me that if I felt any pain at any time of the day or night to please call him immediately. This was an amazing thing for me! I can’t tell you enough how wonderful this doctor and his staff are.

Dr. Paterson offers monthly seminars where patients can receive a free screening to see if they are a candidate for “Release and Relief.” They can also hear from Dr. Paterson, as well as from a patient who has undergone the procedure and ask questions. Click here for information on upcoming seminars in Buffalo and Rochester.

Don’t live with pain any longer. Call Dr. Paterson’s office and schedule an appointment, 716-500-HAND.

To learn more about Dr. Paterson’s Carpal Tunnel procedure, read this feature published in The Buffalo News.

To RSVP to the next FREE seminar, visit our Carpal Tunnel Page.


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