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Music and medicine may not be a combination that typically comes to mind for patients. In fact, music selection is probably not high atop the list of any considerations whirling around one’s head when preparing for surgery or a medical procedure. 

Anxiety is a universal experience when undergoing any procedure and is not limited to surgery. Anyone who's undergone an MRI exam, medical testing, or visits the dentist knows this. A certain level of stress can be present when someone is using tools or instruments to poke around your body. Many surgeons understand this and frequently play music during operations when the patient is fully unconscious.

Dr. Paul Paterson, a "think outside-of-the-box" orthopedic hand surgeon, employs music to reduce anxiety for Carpal Tunnel syndrome patients. He understands their stress when they come to see him, and is not going for any ordinary surgical experience. Instead, he refers to his Carpal Tunnel Release and Relief procedure as a "spa-like" environment. He routinely utilizes personalized music selections during the Release and Relief procedure as a tool to optimize relaxation and get his patients back to doing what they love.

Dr. Paterson's Carpal Tunnel Release and Relief procedure is performed under nothing more than local anesthesia. The minimally invasive procedure requires such a small incision that an operating room is unnecessary, and the patient is wide awake. The key theme  - less is more. The less anesthetic used means fewer complications. In addition, it makes it easier on the patient because less preparation is required for the procedure. 

You don't need to plan for a ride home afterward, and you don't have to worry about not eating the morning of the procedure. All in all, your concerns diminish substantially, and the risk of complications during the carpal tunnel are greatly reduced. In fact, Dr. Paterson also has a text messaging system that provides you with all the updates and answers you need before, the day of and after the Release and Relief. Another tool to reduce stress.

So, where does the music come into play? Music is the added “extra” measure to increase relaxation and diminish anxiety during the procedure. You are awake during Release and Relief; the local anesthesia will make it so that you feel nothing. And, studies show that music takes your mind off preoccupations, lowering your body's automatic response to stressors. As a result, lower heart rates and blood pressure – both great for surgical and non-surgical procedures. And that means an easier recovery, thus getting you back to your life as soon as possible. 

Music is just one of the ways Dr. Paterson aims to optimize the space for a procedure that does not need to be so complex or involved. Less time, less equipment, and patient satisfaction are the goals of the endeavor. 

So, when you arrive at General Physician PC Orthopedics for your Carpal Tunnel Release and Relief, make sure you have your favorite music or band in mind. Then let Dr. Paterson and his expert team take care of the rest.

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